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The best people and the best companies provide:

  • Quality Work
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • A Good Price

Become a friend of the show “We demand value for our money and you should too!” Greg Swearingen, Realtor

Lori and Greg Swearingen have over 20 years experience in the Real Estate business and now they are bringing the real Experts to you. Those who have proven consistently over the years that they provide quality service, a quality product, and they do it at a good price. These are the people and companies Lori and Greg recommend!

See Million dollar home for sale in central Ohio Every home is a real estate investment. Get connected with one of our Resources for quality work and professional help with your real estate investment decisions.

Franklin County Auditor Clarence E. Mingo, II

  • Property Value Reviews – How do they figure out a value?
  • How to challenge the assigned property value – March 31 deadline
  • New benefit for disabled military veterans – $50,000 exemption

Franklin County Auditor, Clarence E. Mingo, II on Realty Resource Radio
Get more information on the Homestead Exemption including the $50,000 reduction for disabled veterans.



Window and Glass Repair & Replacement

  • How can you tell if a window needs repair or replacement?
  • Can you repair a window rather than replace it?
  • The Glass Guru does more than just glass. What all do they do?

Best window and glass repair and replacement in central Ohio is the Glass Guru











Update It or List It?

  • Do you update your home or list it for sale?
  • Things to consider before you remodel
  • Should you put an addition on your home?

Remodeling girl with paintbrushSelling Columbus logoRemodeling boy with saw  Cost Vs. Value







The Storm is Coming

  • What to expect in real estate this spring
  • What are the top 3 rooms to fix up when getting ready to sell



Tuesday, January 27 at 8:35 AM on 610 AM

The Joel Riley Show

Greg and Joel discuss the real estate forecast for 2015

  • How much has your home value gone up?
  • What can Buyers and Sellers expect in 2015?

Listen to Greg and Joel Riley discussing the 2015 real estate forecast   Click to Listen