Roof Repair Expert – Dave Dluzynski

The best roof repair in Columbus Ohio, Expert Contributor Dave Dluzynski of Roof Revivers

Dave Dluzynski, President
Roof Revivers
7558 Lee Road
Westerville, OH 43081 | USA
direct: (614)-202-5848


Roof Revivers is a roof repair company that specializes in inspecting, maintaining and repairing your homes roof.

What makes Roof Revivers unique is that we do not replace roofs; but instead, focus on prolonging the life of existing roofs through timely repairs and effective maintenance programs.

Several products that Roof Revivers supplies to the Realtor Market are:

  • Request to Remedy Estimates with 48 hour turn around on most jobs.
  • Up to 3 Year LeakFree Roof Certifications on existing roofs —this service helps to alle viate buyer/seller concerns on older roofs.
  • Timely Repairs — repairs completed within as little as only 3 business days.
  • Roof Inspections – Roof Revivers offers a detailed 19 point inspection that includes photos of any deficiencies as well as estimated costs to repair said deficiencies.


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