Title Insurance and Real Estate Closing Expert – Robert Corwin

Columbus and Central Ohio Expert in Title Insurance & Real Estate Closings - Robert Corwin, Vice President at Elite Land Title

Robert Corwin, Vice President
Elite Land Title
3755 Attucks Drive
Powell, OH 43065 | USA
phone: (614) 568-0033
fax: (614) 568-0034
email: rcorwin@elite-­landtitle.com
web: www.elite-landtitle.com


At Elite Land Title we work with you, your realtor, your attorney and your loan officer to coordinate your transaction, answer your questions and make the settlement a smooth, seamless experience from listing to closing.

Elite Land Title has Over 35 years of legal and title experience and provides Attorney review of every title search.

As a full service title company Elite Land Title provides many settlement services, and beside the standard ones these are the most requested:

Settlement Closing Location Coverage

  • Servicing the entire State of Ohio and Indiana
  • In our office or yours
  • In-home Closings

Settlement Closing Scheduling Flexibility

  • Daytime Business Hours
  • Weekday Evening Hours
  • Saturday Closings available

 Title Orders and Services

  • Online Title and/or Payoff Orders
  • 24 Hour Searches in Franklin and Surrounding Counties
  • 48 Hour Searches outside of Central Ohio


Elite Land Title – Columbus and Central Ohio Experts in Title Insurance and Real Estate Closing!


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